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Hero Zero
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Hero Zero is a Multi-platform Free to play, Role Playing MMO Game [MMORPG] featuring 'homemade' Superheroes.

In the free2play browser game Hero Zero , players strive towards being a superhero, challenge many missions in ten different worlds, train their character, and improve their strength to fight against other superheroes and move up the rankings. Every single character can be a skilled individual, meaning there are different attributes to be trained such as strength, conditioning, and brain power. The guild system is a must to fight together with other superheroes for world domination.

The rise from the average loser guy up to a villian-hunting superhero - that’s what Hero Zero is all about. Due to this, the hero collects experience points and coins in entertaining time and fight missions, trains his skills in his garage and also undertakes one or two side jobs to earn some extra coins. But the rival heroes never rest - in animated duels, the heroes can prove their strength to gain honor and to rise in the ranking list.

To defeat the evil of the world more efficiently, the hero can join or create a team with other heroes and profit from various team bonuses. In the team headquarter the heroes can attack gangs for experience and coins, or even attack other teams in team fights. The player finds helpful items in the second hand shop and enhances his heroic skills with powerful boosters.

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