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CroNix is a Free to play, PVP Action Team-Strategy MOSA [Multiplayer Online Strategic Action] Game set in battlefields of a post-apocalypse world.

CroNix Online is the world first MOSA (Multi-player Online Strategic Action) Game. There are endless amount of strategic elements fromvarious gamemodes, characters andteam play so CroNix will always feel like a new game. Realistic graphics, live-action and fast paced gameplay that can’t be found in existing online games will be unfold in the world of CroNix.

- Champions, CroNix has a unique set of characters, each with distinctive features. Counterpick : You can change your champion during a game. Use this to your advantage. Customizing : Equip Skill cards, install Cells, and wear cosmetic items to create your unique character with different visuals and attributes.

- Modes, There are 3 modes in CroNix - Survival, Brawl, and Domination. Survival : Kill enemies or refine S.O.D. to reach target score within the time limit to win. Brawl : Short rounds of team deathmatch. Win 3 rounds out of 5 rounds to win. Domination : Capture and secure as many control points as possible to win score points.

Original MOSA Style - MOSA (Multi-player Online Strategic Action) Focuses on team-strategy and individual performance. Also CroNix provides individual and team play through various modes.

Sophisticated Action - Experience the sophisticated action that could not have been experienced from existing online game through AP Gauge, Stance, Bounding and Combo System.

Original Character Customization - You can create your very own character with unique traits and personalities through various avatars and items.

Various Characters and Modes - Various modes (Round, Survival, and Occupation) and characters arewere already prepared.

Also new modes are developed and characters to create new strategies.

Maximized Immersion - You can experience maximum immersion through the realistic full 3D modeling, third-person view and brilliant effects and Unreal Engine 3 that supports multi-platform.

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