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Evidyon No Mans Land
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Evidyon No Man's Land is a Free to play, opensource 3D, Role Playing MMO Game [MMORPG].

Evidyon No man’s Land is a free to play higly addictive Mmorpg that have all you want from a commercial game; fast-paced PVP; lot of contents, Guilds, Dungeons, Geosids, Partys, and more than 60 lvls to explore! What is Evidyon? Evidyon No Man’s Land is an indie 3d online RPG published by, released under GPLv3 license.

Races & Classes: - There are 5 different races and 4 different classes in Evidyon No Man’s Land, each one with his unique stats and skills, such as warriors, mages, hunters etc…

Open world: - Get involved into an ancient themed open world, discover hidden places and different zones like cities, towns, dungeons, castles, swamps, oceans, islands…

Items: - Huge variety of armor and weapon items, consumables, ranged weapons, swords, staffs, wands, orbs, shields, swords, bows, crossbows…

Skills: - Evidyon has a extensive skill system. Tons of skills and spells are available, defensive, protective, curative, speed modifiers, area spells, buffs and magic, ranged attacks… The skills and spells are class-based, you need to gain experience levels in order to unlock them.

Groups: - Evidyon supports parties of up to 8 characters at a time.

Party commands: /lead opens you for /join which joins you to a nearby leader; parties are democratic, so if A leads B and B leads C, ABC are now a single party. /close stops you from accepting joins. /leave removes you from your party. /kick kicks out the nearest party member (again, democratic: anybody can kick anybody).

EXP for monster kills is shared in a 5 level range, but you have to be nearby your party members to get credit for their kill.

If you’re nearby a party member and he kills a player, you also get blamed (in terms of alignment) for the kill.

Alignment and PvP: - If you are the aggressor (i.e. you attack a person who hasn’t done damage to you recently) the damage the player who is being attacked is reduced based on your difference in level. This effect only lasts until the player who is attacked fights back. If you are not the aggressor in a fight, you cannot lose alignment–so defending yourself is consequence-free.

You cannot log off if you are engaged in combat.

If you are level 3 or lower, you will never drop any items when you die.

If you are level 5 or lower, you cannot be PKed unless you fight back.

If you are level 7 or lower, you will not drop any equipped items when you die.

All players who hit another good player before they die are considered killers, regardless of who actually dealt the final blow. A PK is defined as being a killer of a player with a non-evil (i.e. neutral or better) alignment. You cannot PK an evil player. Killing evil players does not count against you in any way. You are allowed one consequence-free pk each 24 hours. If you go 24 hours killing only one person, you will gain a point of alignment. Every person you kill within a 24 hour period of your last PK will decrease your alignment by an increasing amount. Let me give an example: You kill a player. Ten minutes later you kill again and lose 1 point of alignment. Four hours later you kill again and lose 2 points. Ten hours later = 3 points. You wait 24 hours after that last kill, and the counter resets. For every day you go only killing 1 person, you will gain 4 points of alignment. Inactive characters (not played for more than a few days) gain at a slower rate.

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