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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 13:33 mmoraw
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Freestyle2 is a Free to play, Basketball MMO Game Sport simulator.

Freetyle2 is a proven and steady Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) PC sports game. The sequel of FreeStyle1 which is being serviced currently in eight countries with accumulative registered of over 80 million gamers. FreeStyle2's main concept is freedom and youth. Freestyle2 offers customization to create own and unique character and people can play in various places including street, City park and beach, etc. The music of freestyle2 is mostly hip hop style of K-Pop that gamers will really enjoy the freestyle street culture.

Game Modes Description: - Regular modes are compromised of regular mode and Co-op mode. This mode is divided into 3 on 3 team match and 1 on 1 individual match. Also, there are seperate channels for different levels, thus you can select a channel that suits your competence.

- Co-op Mode, this mode is compromise of free-for-all match and VS COM mode.

There are no separate channels for different levels in Free-for-all match and you can engage in a match regardless of your level. In VS COM mode, you can compete with AI teams representing 15 different regions in the world.

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