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Steam Battle
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Steam Battle is a Free to play, steampunk themed, Shooter MMO Game set in fantastic middle ages on wooden vehicles and helicopters.

In Steam Battle you can upgrade and level up your tank, airship, mech or helicopter with uncountable weapons and start your steam-powered engine to fight off other players on snowy plains, desert cities and medieval harbors. Improve your vehicle's stats with different well-equipped drivers and an endless supply of details like iron-reinforced wheels or sawblade-rotors.

Detailed Customization - You can change any part of your combat machine, collect sets of details that will give you additional characteristics. Every part has its own individual view and parameters.

Detailed destruction - When we started to think about Steam Battle the first though was about detailed destruction of combat machines. During the battle you loose parts of your machine, which we call functional destruction. You can loose your wheels or weapons or you can shoot off wheels or weapon from your enemy. Completely immobilize your enemies and leave them defenseless!

Technologies - You have a choiсe what do you like to open first. Different complects have different resistances, speeds and sets' bonuses.


- Fight for supremacy with 20+ players in action-filled game modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch or Capture the base

- Cooperate with your friends in awesome PVE-fights

- Unlock up to 15 different weapon-types with dozens of upgrades

- 4 different vehicle types: tanks/cars, helicopters, airships (planned) and steam-powered mechs (planned)

- Customize your unique vehicle with 5000+ detailed parts

- Form clans with your friends and become the most famous Steampunk-warlord

- Free2Play - download and get right into the action

- Storymode: Explore the world of Steam Battle and meet new friends and foes (planned)

- Select your favourite Steampunk-driver and use his unique abilities in battle (planned) .

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