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Prius Online
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Prius Online is a fantasy, Role-Plaing MMO Game.

Two major events transpired after the conclusion of the Hero War. These events would change Prius forever. Almost as if in response to the casualties left behind in the war, some people on Prius began to display healing abilities. As these healers began helping the injured they began amassing followers. The result was the forming of the Prius Church. This organization spread it beliefs across all of Prius. The second major event to follow the war involved the Heroes who lead the charge. As they returned to the homes of their respective races, they always kept in contact with each other. The small contact between the Heroes had a much larger impact then they could have imagined. Their communications and actions laid the foundations for the unification of all races on Prius.

Anima is the core of the game and the main storyline of the game is surrounding Anima. If the player wants to initiate effective attack or summon Obelisk the Tormentor , he can get help from Anima. In addition, the mount system in Prius Online is also closely related to this little spirit. Being the symbol of Prius Online, Anima is not only a close friend of the player but also she is a pet who can help the player win a fight or battle just like in ordinary MMORPGs, all of this only after level 10.

Prius gameplay is identical to the other games, meaning repetitive and boring, it might be interesting for former players of WOW but in my opinion has nothing new to offer to current players.


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