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Kingdoms CCG
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Kingdoms CCG is a Free to play, Trading Card MMO Game featuring 21 unique heroes, over 800 cards, guilds, crafting and tournaments.

Kingdoms CCG is a unique digital trading card game where you take the role of a hero for one of the six great kingdoms of Euna. Each Hero has a distinct play style creating a vibrant metagame. Decks consist of spells, creatures, gear and powerful Rune Words that shape the battlefield. Combat takes place through a strategic three-lane system with lane changing and defending available at all times. Battles are tight, tense and highly rewarding.

Kingdoms CCG has been designed to be fast to play, yet highly strategic. Play against other players in PVP arenas or live Tournaments, or the challenging AI in the single-player campaign and Guild Wars. Climb the Arena and Tournament Ladders or battle through the ranks to reach the Epic Guild League. Glory is your for the taking! Easy to Learn, Always a Challenge.

As a Collectable Card Game this game includes randomized Booster Packs that expand your collection and deck building options. Of the 5 currently available sets, 3 can be purchased with Gold (in-game currency) and 2 require Gems (premium currency). Gems can be acquired for free by completing daily Arena challenges, completing Hero achievements, completing the campaign and through high-level Guild play. Premium Booster packs can also be won through Tournaments, which victories in free feeder tournaments will allow you to enter without cost. Finally, all available heroes can be purchased with Gold.

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