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Nosgoth is a Free to play, Chaotic Third-Person Action MMO Game set in the Legacy of Kain universe.

Nosgoth pits the resourceful Human faction against their marauding Vampire opposition. Players switch factions at half time in keeping with the game’s dedication to asymmetric gameplay and chaothic action. Within a match gamers play one round as Humans and one round as Vampires with both sides featuring a variety of classes.

- The Humans have an arsenal of devastating ranged weaponry and specialised equipment, primarily relying on ranged attacks and are most effective when staying together as group. Humans win through attrition, by wearing down the vampires at range and healing at various supply stations around the map using traps, devices, explosives and more.

- The Vampires specialise in visceral close-up melee attacks augmented by inhuman abilities, relying on speed and agility to close the gap and overpower the humans at close range. With the advantage of mobility and the ability to scale buildings, they rely on ambushing the humans and recover health by feeding off their corpses.

Overall Nosgoth is most chaotic game ever released not that have something wrong, but come on ... the gameplay is what is lacking of the most, more specifically the lack of sense of it and the fact that you are forced to play with the both faction, some players dont like to be forced, a perfect example of how to screw up a good licence [Legacy of Kain].

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