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Ikariam is a Free to play Browser-Based [BB] Civilisation, Strategy MMO Game where at the beginning you only own a small, fertile piece of land, and you can turn it into a flourishing town and capital of a mighty island empire, later.

Ikariam is a browser strategy game, that whisks players from all over the world into an antique island setting and is completely free of charge. In an era of emerging advanced civilisations, ground-breaking discoveries and destructive battles, the player leads their civilisation to honour and glory. With a comprehensive overview, great tactics and by cooperating with thousands of other players, a huge online world can be explored and seized.

There are five resources distributed over the islands of the world: Building Material, Wine, Marble, Crystal Glass and Sulphur. During the game you will definitely need a lot of building material - assign workers in order to get building material and expand the resource deposits together with the other players on the island.

After you have sorted out the resource supplies, you can start and expand your town.

1. An academy allows you to make a lot of fantastic discoveries.

2. With barracks you can begin to instruct troops.

3. Building a trading port and merchant ships will allow you to trade resources with other players.

Four loyal advisers will stand by you, so that you are always up to date and can keep your head above water. When they light up, this means that a new message for you has arrived. Then you can get the newest information from your advisers.

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