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Goblin Keeper
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Goblin Keeper is a Free to play classic, Browser-Based [BB] Strategy MMO Game.

Goblin Keeper is a classic strategy game within a fantasy setting, offering players the chance to show their dastardly side and be wonderfully evil. Playing the role of a mischievous ruler, they will get to lord it over all kinds of mythical beasts and build up their underworld empire as they wish. The free browser game is now available in the United Kingdom.

Stories from the vault: - In Goblin Keeper, it is up to the player as ruler of the eponymous green skinned creatures to set up expansive dungeons and then enhance them using various facilities such as libraries, taverns, mines and outposts. In creating the sinister constructions, the dungeon builders can let their imagination roam free, allowing them to form unique worlds full of fiendishness and malice. With a stern hand, the goblin lords ensure smooth excavation of resources, advance the research of devious technologies and secure their catacombs from the greedy fingers of rival lords. A plentiful supply of varied quests continually put new challenges to the players and also provide them with gold, building materials and experience points: with which they can sink to ever deeper levels of infamy.

Looting and pillaging: - With time, orcs, warlocks, ghouls and all kinds of other creatures settle in the sinister dungeons. Hobby-despots can use these beasts to form a powerful army which can then spread fear and terror in predatory attacks on elf villages or on other players. Courage, resolve and tactical awareness are all needed in order to send your enemies on the heels and ultimately, to soar up to the position of infernal overlord of all worlds.

Together we are strong: - Raiding other players and looting their treasures makes for diabolical fun. But even the most conniving of tyrant needs his allies, to accompany him along his dark path. For this reason, Goblin Keeper offers plenty of options for interaction with other rulers: players can carry out trade with one another, form powerful alliances together and invite friends to their kingdoms to help support them in the expansion of their dungeons.

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