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Boxing Duel
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Boxing Duel is a Free Browser Based [BB], Sport Managing MMO Game where you can live the thrilling life of a boxer.

Boxing Duel is an online, Free-to-play boxing game. Your task is to work you way through the ranks, from amateur status all the way to the elite company of the best online boxers. Throughout the game you’ll be assigned tasks to complete and challenges to do between the fights so overall, Boxing Duel is a pretty good experience that certainly delivers a fair amount of fun to the players.

The actual gameplay starts when you hit level 4 in boxing duel. Most of the gameplay doesn’t actually require you to do anything. You’re basically given a list of opponents that are around your level and you can select any of these to fight against. After clicking the Start Fight buton the actual brawl will commence and you’ll be displayed the stats on your screen at which point you sit back and watch your boxer do all the work. Overall, the gameplay is really nice and it’s great to see the score go up and down as the fight proceeds or you can skip it and see the result directly.

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