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Pirates [Tides of Fortune] - 2015
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Pirates [Tides of Fortune] is a nautical-themed Free to play, Real Time Strategy [RTS] MMO Game.

Pirates [Tides of Fortune] takes the player along the path of inglorious pirates. You start as a prisoner washed up on the shore of a deserted island. You put together a crew that is made up of ruthless buccaneers, and then stumble through the streets of Tortuga to build a fleet. To do so, you must master skills of trade and diplomacy, and discover new game-changing technologies as you try to bring entire colonies to kneel under your flag.

Pirates [Tides of Fortune] is all about collecting resources so that you, as a Pirate captain can generate enough troops and technology advancements to expand your forces for offensive action against other players or the in-game quests, and defensive troops so that you can protect your Haven and your Pirate territory. The game is designed for you to grow and expand your Fleet and it’s pirate Crew. To do this you must interact with other players and form teams called Brotherhoods. Also, you can perform military actions, conduct diplomacy and trade. Whatever you decide your Strategy is, be it aggressive, defensive, diplomatic, none of these shall matter if you cannot command your territory. All facets of the gameplay are intertwined, and whatever you do in one will affect the other parts. If you race for resources, your crew suffer, if you expand your crew, your technology advancements will suffer in like fashion … such are the decisions you will need to make to make as part of your strategy to become a Pirate Captain in Pirates [Tides of Fortune]

Essentially, all players are in the same world, and thus have access to all other players. They can choose to send their military to conquer millions of other players or assist their allies. Special artifacts can be recovered from battles; these items entitle their owner to military upgrades and can be traded with other players. Technology and resources can be traded as well. Players can invade other player’s islands and plunder their resources. As players advance in the game, they can join together to form powerful clans and fight other communities for territories.

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