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Heroes Of The Banner
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Heroes Of The Banner is a Free to play [f2p] Browser Based, Tower Defense Game with RPG [Role Playing Game] elements.

Heroes Of The Banner is a whimsically colorful Tower Defense game with RPG elements, with a lighthearted story. The game features real-time combat with activatable abilities based on deployed towers and heroes. Players have the ability to recruit and construct multiple tower types to set up the best possible defense against oncoming waves of orcs and demons.

" Storyline: Loki, trickster of the Gods, set Æsir in chains as malevolent revenge. Linking forces with the Titans, he declared war on the Gods. In the darkness of the Fimbulwinter, the world spiralled into chaos and humankind was thrown into peril, with brother fighting brother and murders abound. These are precarious times indeed...

In Heroes of the Banner, players take on the role of a powerful warrior blessed by the guardian Goddess Freya, sworn to protect the meek against the forces of evil. Starting with robbers and brigands raiding the main city, gradually fight your way up through ever more fierce demons and monsters. All the tyrants from your favorite classics are contained within. Build up your army, craft enhanced weapons, and take them out as you restore life anew to a world of shadows. Can you be the Hero of the people? Can you repay the faith of Freya? "


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