Biathlon Mania - a game for when you just can't stop biathling

Sunday, 21 December 2014 16:02 mmoraw
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Biathlon Mania a new sports game release is on the horizon.

Online game Biathlon Mania will be targeting casual gamers as well as biathlon fans and enthusiasts. According to its Godfather Dusan Simocko, Biathlon Mania has a lot more to offer than mere fun and entertainment.

“Thanks to a unique connection of the game and real biathletes we will be able to educate the online gaming community and get more fans or even amateur athletes for the unique sport of biathlon. Several notable personalities from the world of biathlon have already confirmed participation in this game. Successful and renowned athletes from all over the world have decided to help the sport they love by their participation in Biathlon Mania.”

Biathlon Mania is being developed by PowerPlay Manager game studio which already has several successful releases under its belt. They expect Biathlon Mania to be one of their biggest success stories:

“We expect that the game will have quadruple number of players compared to our last release Ski Jump Mania 2. There are several reasons why we have such high expectations. One of them is the fact that the game will be released on two platforms (Facebook and web) which will be connected together. In practice that means that the players will be able to compete against each other regardless of whether they logged in via web or Facebook. Thus we have created one vast world of biathletes which will be competing for fame and glory at the world cup, tournaments or even simple duels.”, explains Ivan Krechnak, CEO of the studio.

Biathlon Mania will be open to public some time in early 2015, most likely in February. Those who are less patient can look forward to the beta version which should be launched by the end of January 2015.

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