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ShiFu is a Free to play Browse-Based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game [MMORPG] also playable on Facebook.

ShiFu set during the Song (Sung) Dynasty period of ancient China, where the players will encounter an exotic land of mystery and mysticism. Players can build their own Kung Fu clan from the ground up and recruit diligent disciples to join their fight against rival Kung Fu clans. In addition to classical RPG elements, like questing, crafting, PvP and guild warfare, ShiFu offers its own unique features. Mix and match abilities from each Kung Fu discipline to become a Kung Fu Master. Further character combat abilities are improved through gathering Chi, attained from not only questing, but also from the campaign mode. Compete with other players in campaign modes to take control of a King yourself.

Start carving your unique path and create your own legend in the world of the ShiFu! It's a free MMORPG game that requires no downloads.

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