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Dragon Heart [Online]

Dragon Heart [Online]

Friday, 05 December 2014 19:05 mmoraw
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Dragon Heart [Online] is a Turn based [TBS] Free to Play, Role-Playing Strategy MMO Game [MMORPG].

Dragon Heart plays specialty of Turn-based game. Through abundant skill settings and profession features, Dragon Heart makes combats full of strategic funs. Now we can say goodbye to repeating and monotonous playing method!

Dragon Heart fantastic world contains seven distinctive regions. Lush meadow, thick forest, luxuriant piedmont, desolate wilderness, beautiful beach, marvellous wet land, and even magnificent volcano etc., so many wonderful landscapes must be a feast for your eyes! Players will be born at beautiful Blue Heart Island and start an adventure from there. During the journey, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, meet individualized NPCs and challenge ferocious monsters. What’s more, many game systems such as challengeable combat scenes, variable maze-like dungeons and other interesting things are for you to experience.

As a turn-based strategy RPG game, the combat of Dragon Heart proceeded by rounds; all characters including pets in combat will act in turns. In Dragon Heart, changeable combat scene and various array configurations of monsters will bring you different feelings in each combat. Besides that, player can choose standing position as well. Each position has its own additional BUFF, so how to arrange and alternate position is worthy to study. Of course, after you win the battle, you would get experience, gold or some items as trophy. In general, the trophy will be distributed to player automatically, while in the team combat mode, some item trophies would be allocated by rolling the dice. Magnificent combat cannot dispense with brilliant skills. In Dragon Heart, each class has normal skills and advanced skills. Player will be born with 2 to 3 normal skills and can learn more when reaching certain levels. After player reached level 30, he can learn more powerful and gorgeous advanced skills by using advanced skill pages. Normal skills can be dragged into shortcut bar; while advanced skills need to be preset in the Skill interface before fighting. In addition, to cast advanced skills will consume some fight values which can be accumulated gradually in battle.

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