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APB Reloaded
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APB Reloaded is a Third-person Shooter MMO Game with detailed customization options.

All Points Bulletin (APB) is set in San Paro, a persistent, online modern city which lives and breathes, filled with a population of civilians going about their daily lives. Joining the civilian population are opposing factions of players: Criminals and Enforcers, fighting for control and leaving their mark as they succeed or fail.

Enjoy the most powerful and comprehensive in-game customization tools avaiable. Craft amazing characters, symbols and music. Unlock hundreds of customizable items. The longer you play, the better you look. The character creation of the game is something that really shines. You have a wide variety to choose from and a lot of options to alter them. You can really create a unique character that matches your style and fits the way you want him to look. Fat or thin, various hair styles with the option to even change length, and later on even tattoos. Another thing they did with it that I really like is that you can re-design your character any time you want. So if you get bored with the current look, you can go into the Social District and re-design your character all over again, well except your gender. The deep customization however doesn't stop there as the game actually allows players to customize their cloths as well, from the color, to the logos on it; players have an extensive ability to customize everything about your character. For those who truly dive in and create a complete and custom look, finding anyone that looks like you would be near impossible.

Fight in dramatic third-person combat that supports skilled play and direct targeting. Oppose real, live players rather than dumb, predictable AI. Battle it out in maps that support up to a hundred players each. Enjoy infinite replay – dynamic mission generation and player opposition ensure every encounter is unique. Collect hundreds of weapons including pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, grenades and rocket launchers. Enforce the law humanely, if you so choose: stun and then arrest criminals with less than lethal weapons. Customize weapons performance with weapon upgrades – adapt your weapons to your play style. Collect weapon upgrades and trade them with your friends and clanmates. Earn medal-based Achievements with successful play. Gain Notoriety and Prestige for bonuses, while risking all-out attack by your opponents.

Anything APB guys can legitimately take pride in their lawless life; it would be ‘Freedom’. Yup, nowhere else could you really march to your own drum so much without giving a damn care about what is or gonna happen. Put on your street-cred, driving the fanciest Jaguar, making twisted faces, rocking the house down with wildest music. With life so full of choices and excitement, even if riding on this roaring APB wagon means pretty much hell in the end, who cares?

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