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Dragon Atlas
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Dragon Atlas is a Free to play Browser-Based Role Playing MMO Game [MMORPG].

Dragon Atlas is a Free-to-play browser MMORPG , players step into the fantasy world of Ymir, where they aim to be the greatest dragon keeper while fight evil monsters to restore balance to the volatile world. Take on adventure across the world of Ymir through challenging solo and group dungeons and massive faction wars, all to ultimately save the world from destruction! Train your own dragons, recruit new characters to fight by your side, and join one of three kingdoms in the struggle for Ymir!

Game Freatures: - The Manor System will be automatically activated when a player reaches level 32. - Tree of Wisdom , players can learn kingdom technology in Tree of Wisdom by consuming merits, which will improve their ability. Studying kingdom techs needs to consuming values of kingdom technology. Ordinary players can use diamonds to study kingdom techs. Using diamonds to study will get a large amount of merits and glory bonus!

Forging Artifacts - Artifacts can be equipped only after they’re forged. In the Tree of Artifacts, players should forge the basic artifacts first and then the related advanced artifacts. The materials used to forge artifacts are produced from Babel.

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