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Heva Clonia Online
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Heva Clonia Online [HCO] is a Free to play, Role-Playing MMO Game [MMORPG] taking places into a stunning Fantasy World.

Let your adventure begin in the amazing 3D fantasy world of Heva Clonia Online . HCO provides players with non-stop action through various Quests & Episodes, including Co-Op Dungeons, Guild Battles and more. Collect cute and unique pets by cloning the in-game monsters you come across throughout your adventure. Your Pet becomes a vital ally when battling the powerful monsters you meet along your path or when testing your skills against other players in the Main Arena. Choose your class, evolve your powers, master your skills and visit various towns and worlds all while making new friends along the way in this exciting and fun-filled MMORPG.


- Clone Monsters as Pets - Clone monsters to collect them throughout your adventure, train them as pets, and battle them against your foes!

- PVP Monster Battles - Test your monster's skills and battle expertise in the Main Arena against your friends or other players for victory.

- Couple-Dungeons - Team up with your closest friend in this two-person dungeon challenge. Only true teamwork will prevail.

- Guild PVP Battles - Battle for guild supremacy in epic Guild VS Guild PvP battles! Only the strongest guild will rank the top of the leader board in this challenge.

- Mini-Games - Take a break from epic adventuring and questing to play some fun, casual mini-games. They'll help take your mind off saving the world.

The Clones: - Clones are in a sense pets that act as both an ally in battle as well as a close companion along your adventure. Clones can be either found on their own as a drop, or you can create your own by obtaining clone DNA through fighting monsters, opening Arcane Eggs, completing quests, and more. There are hundreds of different clones available to discover in game, each with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

In addition to having clones fight alongside you, you're also able to register the clones you create into a book known as the Clone Codex. To register a clone in the Codex simply drag it from your inventory onto it's correct place in the codex. Once a clone has been registered it cannot be removed from the Clone Codex. When you complete a line in the Clone Codex you will be able to use the various Synergy buffs located below. As you run out of Synergy Points you are able to register additional clones to replenish your points. By completing the entire first page of the Clone Codex you will receive a Clone Riding Skill that will allow you to ride on clones known as Riding Clones for added speed and mobility.

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