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Warstory - Europe in Flames
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Warstory Europe in Flames is a browser-based war, strategy MMO game set during World War 2.

Lead a powerful company into the battlefields of World War 2. Liberate Europe from the Wehrmacht together with thousands of comrades and become a living legend, in short this is the story of the game.

First you choose a group and go to war. Europe is in flames and you fight with your allies for the liberation of the occupied countries. In this massively multiplayer online strategy game, you will spend most interesting dynamic real-time battles. As the game progresses you improve the skills of your soldiers and crush your opponents with a particularly effective fighting skills. The game runs using Microsoft Silverlight and is able to provide better visuals than most strategy games.

There’s no direct PvP, instead it is a race to see which faction can liberate the most cities and reach Berlin first.


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