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Game of Bombs
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Game of Bombs is a Free-to-play Action, Retro Arcade MMO [Massively Multiplayer] Game playable in any Browser.

Game of Bombs is a massively multiplayer arcade action game, reminiscent of Bomberman. Up to 1000 players can join a single game and engage in explosive chaos. The game is played in a web browser, anyone can play for free.

Each round lasts 16 minutes. The main goal is make more points, killing other players and collecting bonuses. Pressing TAB shows the scoreboard of player kills and deaths playing the current round. For all actions in the game, (including the collection of resources, goals scored and murders in the late rounds get points), having enough points allows you to go to the next rank.

Right now gold doesn't serve any purpose in the game except for small increase in total player score. Players just pick it up, and the number of collected gold is taken into consideration when counting round standings.

Hitting a ball or aquiring it through the bonus will make you it's owner. Red arrow will then appear on it, indicating the nearest gate. You should then navigate this ball to the gate. Scoring a goal gives you a 1-time protection from death. And this is a lot of fun when many players try to make it near the gate.


0 #1 kataev 2014-11-20 10:48
Actually, you can buy perks with gold

Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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