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Hero Commander
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Hero Commander is a Fantasy Free-to-play , Strategy MMO Game combining tactical and MMORPG elements.

Hero Commander is packed with many cute heroes who enhance battle rating as well as expand the size of your empire. Heroes play an important role among soldiers, and their power shouldn’t be ignored. That said, it is not easy to build a strong team right from the beginning. So how can we increase our power ?

An immediate way to own new heroes is to draw cards in the Tavern. There is a certain chance of getting a hero instantly. You can also get relics of different heroes and strife souls which can be used to exchange into relics. It is no longer a dream to own Legendary heroes at a low levels.

On the other hand, not everyone is lucky enough to own his favorite card when drawing cards. But don’t worry! You are also able to advance your heroes into Legendary heroes. The heroes will also become stronger after advancing through the game. Both Brave heroes and Epic heroes have a good chance to become just as powerful as Legendary hero!

At the same time, Legendary heroes does not equal becoming the most powerful party. The combination of skills between the three heroes is more important. How to create top combinations is what you need to thinking about to win battles against some of the mightier foes.

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