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DD Tank
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DD Tank is a cute Browser-Based Shooter MMO Game.

In DD Tank game you can fight against other players or with them, stock your arsenal with a variety of weapons and personalize your characters with costumes and power-ups.

Doesn’t matter if your old chum crackles to a halt or suddenly run out of cannonballs during an intense fire-cross, cause you definitely have a larger armory than this. Anything, be it a frying pan, a toilet plunger, or even a rotten watermelon, makes an awesome weapon here and can help you get off the hook.

The browser game or online shooter DDTank makes warfare a much easier and funny thing to gamers, and thus allow them to fight with a lighter heart than ever did in other weaponry-themed titles. Graphic looks nice, characters all got their own style, and the tank-fight per se is hilarious enough.

Suffice to say that DDTank will offer players an exciting and yet fully relaxing gaming experience.

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