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Destroy Armada : Rise of the Titans
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Destroy Armada [Rise of the Titans] is a Free to Play Browser-Based Space Strategy MMO Game combined with city-builder game.

Destroy Armada [Rise of the Titans] is a Free to Play Browser game where you become the commander of a vast space fleet. " Build up your planets to strenghten your fleets and attack hostile players to gain more power for your legion. Balance your resources carefully across your planets, and they will dvelop dramatically without your constant attention.

Your primary objective: - Defend friendly fleets and attack enemy players and pirates!

The Northern Empire has dominated this region of space for one thousand years. New faction have arisen to challange the empire's rule with their own line of science and technologies.

An itergalactic war is coming. How will you prepare? What's the right balance to defending your bases while attacking enemy systems. Many players will have to unite to become the newest and most dominant alliance. The universe needs your power and creativity, Comander! "

Planet areas are limited, players can use 500 GKash to expand planet's area to build and occupy on different areas. Different types of planets will provide different rates of resource bonuses.

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