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Warflare is a Free to Play Browser-Based, Role Playing [RPG] MMO Game [MMORPG].

Warflare is an decent ARPG, millions of players fight together! Fierce battles, brilliant skills! Even an army cannot stop a determined man.

PVP System:

Battles allow players to solve disputes through the age-old art of combat;

however, dishonorable attacks are also commonplace in this lawless land.

This is why judgment and punishment rules are necessary.

The availability of different types of items on Warflare is considered the most interesting feature of the game. Besides the normal item variety, items may contain special bonuses that are assigned almost randomly. Creating a 'perfect' (as in maximum leveled) item within the game is almost impossible. Since items can be so different, it's quite common to have your own custom set of armor.

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