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Caesary Online
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Caesary Online is a browser based in RTS MMO Game set in the Roman era.

Real Time Strategy Caesary is based on the history of the Roman Empire, the post-Republican phase of the ancient Roman civilization. Here at Caesary you will be filling in the role of a small consul, expected to apply the resources and troops at hand wisely.

You will have to plan ahead wisely, because in the end it will be all about the military. So create you barracks and plaza, a storage room and upgrade them. Then start training your army, but make sure you have enough food to keep them going, by offering more jobs for your peasants. Everything while keeping an eye on the surrounding areas, trying to find other rulers to create alliances with and protect each other when in need. Every second you spend offline, someone else has the opportunity to surpass you, colonize your place and seize all your hard earned-wilds without you being at all aware until the next time you log on. There is no interest for me in playing this game casually as the potential to come back and find your work and armies decimated while you were eating dinner leaves a lingering sense of dread.

Caesary though, is very management oriented and while there are not a lot of options for advancing your city, you do often need to make choices between best way to manage your resources. Much of the actual gameplay comes from battling however there is a problem here, the battles are boring as they are simply math problems that take forever to get over with and are virtually unrewarding. Heroes level very slowly and besides from the small profit you get from a victory, you get no since of fulfillment from attacking the same lv4 wilderness for the 100th time. You have no control over the actual battle and its just a matter of which numbers are higher. Replays are remotely interesting in that you actually get to see some action, but as you know the outcome, all you watch is little numbers appear and units die.

And with all this complexity and sheer amazingness, Caesary still has some low points which are not actually related to the game itself: you will need more and more time to spend online with the game if you wish to get bigger and bigger, you’ll have to be very active and sociable in order to have a lot of friends to find the hordes of enemies, so consider yourself warned – after starting to play the game, you might not wish to do anything else.

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