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My Lands : Black Gem Hunting [Steam version]
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My Lands : Black Gem Hunting is a Free to play, Fantasy themed, Strategy City-builder MMO Game.

My Lands is a free online RTS where dark and light forces fight for Black Gem and dominion in a vast fantasy world. Cooperation between players, joint economy development, creation of clans and alliances and elaboration of a team strategy serve as the very foundation of the game.

The game has a free to play and subscription options and by collecting Black Gems in game, players can use them to pay for premium features, or if they are a subscriber they have the option to turn them into real world currency.

Players of My Lands, choose from 4 different races, each with their own unique set of traits and building designs. Starting out with a small city, they must then gather resources complete missions and start to build their empire. The game offers a variety of missions in both combat and non-combat scenarios, from espionage and exploration to attacking another city and taking prisoners.

Main Features:

- No to "grind": a unique system of skills allows players to develop cities and heroes even while being offline.

- Vast game world: infinite expanses of land to be explored and conquered by thousands of players in one universe.

- Advanced quest system: even the most experienced gamers will be struck by the great number and variety of quests which encourage faster development and help in making out your own game strategy.

- Diplomacy, intelligence and trade: a well thought-out team strategy leads to victories in the world of My Lands.

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