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VEGA Conflict [2014]
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VEGA Conflict is a Free-to-play Browser Based [BB], Real-Time Strategy MMO Game taking place in Space.

Vega Conflict is a free to play Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game, on multiple platforms, it's made by Kixeye, and is a fun game to play, as you "stake your claim, customize your fleet, and wage epic war in space". Vega Conflict is very similar to Battle Pirates, except the setting is in space.

Take command of your own destiny, and battle against The VEGA Federation and other rogue miners by taking control over valuable resources, build customized war ships, and raid neighboring enemy bases to seize more resources and strengthen your base.

Construct over 10 different war ships, and customize them with special armor and other unique weapons. Manage fleets, and launch them into orbit to loot other player bases and take down lucrative enemy cargo ships. Unlock new ship hulls, along with researching new weapons and defenses. Engage in real-time, synchronous PvP and NPC combat against live players around the world. Join in or form your own alliances with other players in your sector. Explore and conquer a massive 24/7, persistent universe.

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