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Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates

Monday, 15 September 2014 03:48 mmoraw
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Battle Pirates is a Free Browser Based [BB], complex hardcore Strategy MMO Game [MMORTS].

Build an island fortress, customize deadly ships, and rule the high seas in the most epic MMORTS. Battle Pirates casts players in the role of a commander of a new island base, through building and upgrading their base, researching new technologies and battling opponents the player will grow in strength and demonstrate their supremacy to others.

The base building aspect sees players with a limited amount of room to construct buildings and upgrade them to make them more efficient. Building defensive structures around the perimeter of the base is also a must if the player wants to remain safe from other human opponents. Upon entering battle, the player is presented with a waterlogged arena, with the two fleets facing off against each other from opposite sides. Players are able to give direct commands to individual ships, it's also possible to leave the battle to resolve itself, however, and early in the game this is just as valid an approach as micromanaging the fleet. As the player researches technologies and builds ships with more specialist equipment, however, micromanagement becomes more important.

With Battle Pirates, Kixeye has ably demonstrated that they “get” what the hardcore player wants. The gameplay is simple to understand and easy to get into, yet offers considerable depth for those willing to invest time and effort (and not necessarily money) into the experience.

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