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TOME Immortal Arena
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TOME Immortal Arena is a Browser-Based [BB] Free to play, Brawler, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena [MOBA] Game.

TOME Immortal Arena is a Browser Based MOBA running on the Unity Platform. No downloads, free to play, straight to gameplay. You become a Harbinger guiding a Guardian with your team to defeat the opposition and take down their towers.

Browser based, less farming, no last hitting, and more PVP! Abilities are on cooldown instead of mana-based.

" The world of TOME is no longer what it once was. When this world was originally pulled into darkness, a balancing force was needed to bring light and life to the Domains. The Mediator was that force. The Mediator scribed the Tome of the Immortals with his very lifeblood, giving him the power to bring balance and peace to the world. With this power, The Mediator bound the Six Gods to his will in an event known as “The Binding.” Ruling over the world as a whole, The Mediator bound the Six Gods to himself. He allowed the Six Gods to claim territory and rule their own separate Domains as they saw fit. As long as balance was kept, The Mediator would not interfere; however, it was this freedom that allowed the darkness to creep back into the world.

As centuries passed, the Gods grew restless. They hungered for The Mediator’s ultimate source of power, the Tome. The Binding began to weaken as each God formulated a vision of what the world should look like. The Six collectively realized that The Mediator was the one holding them back from their goals, and in the rarest display of unity, they challenged The Mediator in his Coliseum with the hopes of obtaining the Tome for themselves. While The Mediator may have not counted on the unity between the Six, he was not unprepared for such craven treachery. As he left the world behind, the Tome was unbound and torn asunder, its pages were thought to be lost throughout the world. With true balance now gone, the Gods began the War of the Six to find the lost pages and rebind the Tome. Weakened by The Mediator’s absence and as the War wages on, the Six Gods are constantly seeking Guardians that will fight for them to recover pages from the Tome of the Immortals.

Constant battles rage along the borders of each Domain for territory and resources, but those battles are nowhere near the most important fought. Along with their chosen Guardians, the Six fight in Battle Arenas for information on where the pages may be in the hopes of finding these for their God. The Gods must then bargain with Harbingers to properly control the Guardians in battle. With each victory, the Gods bestow upon their Harbinger agents blessings and devotion. The Harbingers in turn create an affinity with the guardians they control, bestowing upon the guardians added benefits, thereby creating an even more powerful force in battle. "

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