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Ruined Online
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Ruined Online is a 3D Browser-based third person Shooter MMO Game.

Ruined is set in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco that features 3 arenas reminiscent of iconic San Francisco landmarks (Fort Point, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz). The 3D game has 6 unique villains characters and wide selection of sophisticated weapons.

Created by a veteran game development team atop the Unity game engine, Ruined boasts an array of impressive features – such as high-end graphics, effects, and audio – designed to appeal to hardcore gamers. Playable through any web browser, gamers can satisfy their craving for action anywhere they have access to an Internet connection. Combat arenas allow up to 24 players at a time battle to the death with a range of traditional and exotic weapons, such as Bubble and Lightning guns. The game will feature a free and premium currency: free currency can purchase limited use weapons, while premium currency can purchase permanent weapons such as Bubble and Lightning guns.

Thing that makes Ruined Online one of the top choices is the half-joking tone perceivable throughout its graphics, storylines, gun-fights and fluid gameplay.


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