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Defenders of Time
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Defenders of Time is a Free-to-Play fast-paced team-based Tower Defense MMO Game.

Defend the integrity of time with up to seven other people in this hard core tower defense game. The Defenders of Time takes players to various points in history to wage war against those who might wish to change it in epic team vs team battles.

In a world where universes have collided, you and up to three other players must duke it out with a variety of sci-fi B-movie creeps sent by a similar team in this epic competitive and cooperative multiplayer Tower Defense game. Maze your way through maps strewn across space and time from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the barren deserts outside of Las Vegas to a secret testing lab in Area 51 and far beyond.

Each map is a puzzle and experience to be solved an infinite number of ways, but with the same goal: stop the creeps on their rampage through the map toward their exit. The real question is: Who can solve the riddle of the maze better? With 100% tower sell, can you let go of that brilliantly designed ground maze to kill the air creeps that now push your defenses to the edge? Can you do it fast enough? Will the other team's commander notice and change strategy? Did you just do exactly what the other team wanted you to do? Will you be the one to bring your team to victory or will it all end in crushing defeat?

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