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Infinity Wars
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Infinity Wars is a free-to-play animated Digital, Trading Card Game [TCG]

Infinity Wars features mechanics and tactics that revolutionize the way gamers play and interact with TCGs. Players' minds will need to be quick if they wish to succeed in head-to-head battles with simultaneous turn-based combat.

Featuring a fully open trading space, events, tournaments, and a helpful and engaging community, Infinity Wars is one of the most intuitive strategy TCGs to date. Players can earn, sell, trade, buy, and win new cards for use within the game; pulling the best from the physical TCG world to make TCGs more accessible to a wider audience and paving a new path for the eSports community.

Infinity Wars Key Features:

- Over 300 cards currently available, with new cards released frequently

- Every single card beautifully animated

- Open trading between players

- Over 120 Single Player and Multiplayer quests to complete

- Simultaneous gameplay allows bluff and prediction mechanics never seen before in traditional TCGs

- Full deck builder allows for millions of custom deck combinations

- Cross-platform play across PC, Mac, iOS and Android

- Customizable Deck and Battlefield skins

- Star Trek: The Next Generation new cards

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