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Elsword Online
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Elsword Online is a 2D fantasy MMO side-scroller Game.

Take on the roles of Elsword and his friends in this story based multiplayer online action game featuring anime style graphics. Although the world is explored mostly vertically, it doesn't feel that way. The game's spaces and special effects are quite pretty, so you will not feel much different than you would in a traditional 3-D space. Sometimes the 2-D space gets in the way, though, by hiding some of the coolest moments in the game.

Elsword is obviously a game for quick bouts of play or for long sessions of grinding on mobs. We've seen a lot of these tricks before, but Elsword seems to take everything one notch higher. Animations are fluid and fun, combat is simple to get into, and enemies are plentiful and challenging. You can set the difficulty higher for a certain dungeon and replay it. Mobs will also automatically grow stronger if you re-visit a familiar place.

There are quite a few side-scrolling action MMOs on the market today. As time goes along, they seem to get more and more over-the-top, Elsword is staying very much in step with this tradition, looking more like a violent cartoon than a video game, but a fun one. Side-scroller veterans is happy to see a game that ramps up the fun and excitement (and explosion factor) without abandoning the basics.


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