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Cannons Lasers Rockets CLR

Cannons Lasers Rockets CLR

Sunday, 31 August 2014 15:23 mmoraw
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Cannons Lasers Rockets CLR is a Free to play, cross-platform Online Space Shooter MMO Game, [PvP/Co-op arcade space Game].

Cannons Lasers Rockets [CLR], an online space shooter in which players choose from hundreds of spaceships to customize and team up to defeat other groups of players in fast-paced dogfights, Cannons Lasers Rockets’ highly-competitive gameplay draws from MMOs and MOBAs alike to create a new space combat experience. The game will be playable cross-platform across PC, Mac and Linux at launch, with mobile releases planned for later dates.

Cannons Lasers Rockets features:

- Furious team-based PvP gameplay, ranging from a handful of dogfighters up to 50 ships competing on a single map

- Hundreds of creatively-imagined, customizable ships with a wide array of equipment to choose from for further personalization

- Arcade-style space shooter action with easy-to-learn controls but strategic depth for experienced players

- Multiple mission types that play out across dozens of maps which feature interactive environments that can provide tactical advantages

- Emphasis on community and competitive gameplay, with tournaments, leaderboards, achievements, and special in-game challenges

- Cross-platform multiplayer across PC, Mac and Linux, with iOS and Android versions.

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