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My Fantastic Park
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My Fantastic Park is a Free Browser Based, amusement park simulation Game, featuring a wealth of fascinating functions.

The entertaining browser game MyFantasticPark offers you an exciting challenge. As newly appointed park director you'll build your very own amusement park here. Your goal on this fun park game My Free Fantastic Park is to develop a place of pleasure and fun and create a pure oasis of leisure. Park-expert Wanda Welmington will present you with your first park game challenge on My Fantastic Park.

Having welcomed you on MyFantasticPark, Wanda congratulates you to your new job and gives you your first important task on this game. It's your job now to build two new attractions on the relatively barren park-grounds and upgrade an already existing attraction. Of course you'll dive head-first into your first park game task. After all, it's your goal to entice as may visitors as possible to visit your online amusement park on My Fantastic Park. That, however, will only be possible if you offer your audience impressive attractions. To get going right away on the park-simulation, you'll enter the MyFantasticPark shop and buy your first attraction. It's a can toss booth in funny monster-style that you'll be able to place right after having bought it. With just a few clicks you'll place it on your park's grounds. Additionally, you'll have a total of 20 sand paths at hand, to ensure your visitors can reach your attractions without any problems. Success is not far off: already the first visitors are streaming into your park.

On My Fantastic Park you've got amazing funfair attractions in three different categories at hand. Depending on your level, you'll be able to place small, large or XXL attractions in this park-simulation. The selection of small attractions includes the can toss booth, a high striker, a merry-go-round, a swing ride, a puppet theater as well as antique cars, a magician, an adventure playground, a hall of mirrors and a space shuttle. Roller coaster game fun, bumper cars and a dark ride are of course also among the attractions this park-simulation includes. MyFantasticPark offers you multi-faceted theme park fun in an original setting with a wide range of features and great social game elements. With its research feature, rides such as bumper cars and space shuttles can be advanced – that way, the players always have their fingers on the pulse of the time. It is possible to play My Fantastic Park for free and directly in your browser on




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