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Deadly Gambling

Deadly Gambling

Thursday, 21 August 2014 18:50 mmoraw
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Deadly Gambling is a Free to play, Russian roulette MMO Game simulator, featuring deadly guns-and-cards concoction.

To effectively live up to its name Deadly Gambling ( utilizes a thrilling blend of Russian roulette-like mechanics with poker and PvP-components. After creating and customizing his or her character, a player enters game lobby and joins an available room. Once inside the fire zone, participants make their wagers and pick their targets. When the lights turn on, it is time to pull the trigger.

This sequence reiterates itself five times within a single game session. Shooting down an opponent without misfiring, false starting or being hit in return allows player to load more bullets in the next round. The opportunity of feeding some extra shells to the drum can be also obtained by higher-card hands in poker-blitz mode. A number of additional game modes, special Tricks and team PvP bring a portion of diversity to the deadly guns-and-cards concoction.




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