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Chronicles of Merlin
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Chronicles of Merlin is a Browser-based RPGMMO game and combines the best of strategy and RPG.

Players will find themselves thrust into battle with the greatest heroes of all time. Merlin will bring you to the magical land of Westmore, his flawed attempt at recreating ancient Europe, where only the strong survive. Chronicles of Merlin is a faced paced, action packed journey through the ancient world of Westmore. You'll soon be unable to tear yourself away from stalking Robin Hood through the forest, facing down a Mongolian horde, or raiding a pharaoh's tomb on your grand adventure.

Over the course of the campaign's 10 chapters, you'll face hundreds of enemy heroes, each one commanding an army more dastardly than the last. Aside from traditional Infantry, Archer, and Cavalry troops you'll also have Warlocks, Mages, and Siege Ballista to contend with. Fortunately, you will have a powerful tool in your arsenal to use against the dynamic foes in your path: Formations. Aside from letting you control hero position on the battlefield, each formation also gives a specific bonus to your heroes, from increasing magic or physical damage to increasing tactical defense. A keen understanding of how to choose formations and position your heroes will become one of your most powerful weapons on your adventures through Westmore.

All key resources can be plundered through battle, including grain, silver, battle points, and prestige. The struggle to control the limited resources of Europe spares no man, and inspires one-on-one PvP clashes, alliance battles, and even kingdom warfare. Remember, only the strong survive in Westmore.


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