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Battle Islands [Steam version]
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Battle Islands is a Free to play, Cross-Platform Multiplayer Strategy Game.

The year: summer of 1942. The theatre of operations: an undisclosed chain of tropical islands in the South Pacific. Your mission: to seize these strategically critical islands, establish a base and hold your ground in the face of overwhelming odds.

You will not be alone. At your command will be some of the hardest-fighting leathernecks in the service, and you’ll have the finest military hardware at your disposal to bring about total victory. Fight with (or against) your friends and show them what makes the grass grow!

- Master the art of offence and defence in this action-packed WWII-themed strategy game

- Deploy units on land, sea and air

- Build up and fortify your island garrison with everything from machine guns and land mines to howitzers!

- Form Alliances with friends and earn your place on the leader board!

- If someone hits you, hit him harder! Keep track of your rivals and choose your moment to strike!

- Unprecedented multiplayer support - fight against users on iOS and Android or Steam

- Engage your enemy across platforms! Play on Steam at home and your mobile device when on manoeuvres - Battle Islands is supported on iOS, Android, Amazon and Steam!

- Join a growing, thriving community of fellow commanders and benefit from the supreme knowledge of our very own Sarge!

- Beautiful graphics custom-built for Steam


Your mission will not be easy. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle-hardened. They will fight savagely. You must fight them on the beaches. You must fight them on the landing grounds, on the fields and in the hills. You must never surrender!



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