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Terre des Eléments
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Terre des Eléments is a Free to play, 2D Browser-Based Role Playing MMO Game.

The journey in Terre des Eléments begins when you wake up in the middle of a desert not remembering much. From this point you create your own destiny. You will first choose your class (magician, ranger, warrior ou necromancer) and karma (evil , harmful, neutral, just or harmonic).

You will be training in the desert camp before choosing one of the 4 elements to guide you (air, water, earth, fire). Then after some time in your elemental land you will go to the famous town of Melrath Zorac and a whole new world to discover. Join or create one of the many factions trying to establish their domination.

Develop one havest trade (lumberjack, tanner , herbalist or minor) and one production craft (alchemist, blacksmith, weaver or carpenter) to build special equipment, effective weapons but also your fortress and siege weapons. In addition to weekly events (the jousts and other animations) you can take part in many special events based on a complex PVP.

The game is free to play. Bonuses are available to get some more actions points and help to pay for the server but their use is limited.

There is absolutely no restriction in the game for the free players.

At the beginning you choose between:

4 classes: (warrior, ranger, necromancer or magician )

4 elements: (air, water, earth or fire)

5 karmas (can change with your actions): (evil , harmful, neutral, or harmonic)

Your skin depends on these choices and will change accordingly to your karma. Some players are rewarded and are allowed to draw their skin.


- The mouse is used to move (right or left click). All the skills are available through keyboard shortcuts which you can configure.

- Each new level, you choose the characteristics you want to increase between vitality, address, strength, spirit, luck, resistance and precision (same for the skills).

- The maps and some monsters or PNJ’s skins are created with RPG Maker, the rest is homemade from scratch (some players helped a lot for the graphical part: items, distinctions, wolrdmap...).

- PVP is available almost everywhere (except in the taverns) and everything is done so a maximum of players can enjoy it. Thus, in some areas visited mainly by beginners, the level is limited: the high level players continue to have access to these areas, but if they do fight, their superiority is not too overwhelming.

- Factions are an important part of the game. Each faction can grow or change karma depending on the karma of its members. A faction can build a fortress where members can sleep and avoid paying in the tavern.

- ingame chats are available as well as a forum for the roleplay (RP is encouraged but never an obligation).



Some numbers:

- 500 maps

- 118 skills

- more than 1000 PNJ and 2000 events

- more than 600 equipments

- 74 resources to harvest

- 220 production recipes

- 750 drops

- more than 1600 items to collect

- more than 220 quests

- 350 monsters

- 330 distinctions

Rise of Melrath Zorac will be the english version of the game Terre des éléments, currently in development at:


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