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ROSE Online
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ROSE Online is a Free to play, roaming Role Playing MMO Game featuring anime inspired graphics and the cutest game environment players have ever seen.

ROSE Online has always been about looking unique and having fun with your friends! With the latest breakthrough to the Backend system, tons of improvements have been implemented! With the myriad of customization options already offered within ROSE Online, even more have arrived. Now you can show off any weapon you please to intimidate your foes and show off to your friends, and the option to change the refine glow of your weapon and equipment is finally here! Modify each piece of equipment to your liking and stand out even more! Along with the changes to the core systems, the game client has received updates to improve the users play experience and control.

Jump in and fight monsters, level up, gain new skills, and find magical equipment to prepare for challenging future battles. Travel to different planets, exploring new environments, and battle other players. Gain experience both by killing monsters as well as completing quests, which weave together a story that reaches across the stars. Completing quests is also a great way to receive rewards, but beware: some quests have a time limit and must be completed promptly for the best prizes. Join with fellow players to create Clans, and then declare war against other clans for fun filled battles! With an in-game economy controlled directly by the players, supply and demand can change every day: it's up to you to seize the economic opportunities while they last.










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