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NEOTOKYO is a Free-to-play First Person Shooter (FPS) MMO Game that provides a visceral & realistic combat experience in a rich futuristic setting.

NEOTOKYO is a first person shooter that aims to provide a visceral combat experience in a rich near future setting. It is greatly influenced by game producers admiration for Masamune Shirow (GHOST IN THE SHELL) and Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA), and has been in production since October 2004.

The setting emulates combat between two cybernetically enhanced special operations groups, introducing augmentations such as thermoptic "active" camouflage and networked IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) systems to the urban close quarters combat genre. Players take the role of two opposing forces, the JINRAI and the IM-NSF (Interior Ministry National Security Force).

The Story:

" NEOTOKYO takes place about 30-40 years from now in a Japan that has drifted into social/political strife due to the inevitable stresses that come from changing times. The Japanese government is grappling with intensified external (Asia geopolitics) and internal (economic/social) problems, and there is mounting pressure from within Japan to return to the days when it exerted influence through military power and strength. A failed legislative push to alter the Japanese Constitution (allowing the Japanese military to engage in offensive actions outside of the country) leads to an attempted military coup by members of Japan's armed forces (GSDF). The coup fails, but was very close to succeeding. In an effort to suppress further coup attempts, Japan's Prime Minister forms a branch inside the Interior Ministry's National Security Forces (NSF) called GROUP SIX. They answer directly to the Prime Minister and are sworn to protect the Japanese Constitution at all costs. They immediately begin to hear rumours of a rogue element of the GSDF Special Forces (JINRAI) maneuvering for a second coup attempt. These JINRAI are Special Operations Group 43 (SOG43), fierce nationalist loyal to their love of country, and a desire to put Japan back into a position of strength and power. This begins the war in the shadows between the NSF and JINRAI ".

There are three classes, each with a different set of weaknesses and different playstyle. All three classes have a vision mode suited to their playstyle.

RECON - The Recon class has Nightvision, allowing them visual clarity in low light conditions. This vision mode appears as a grey filter across your vision. Using nightvision in bright conditions will wash out your image with brightness, and you will be unable to see.

ASSAULT - The Assault class has Motionvision, which highlights anything that moves, for as long as it is moving. This vision mode appears as a faint reddish/yellow tinge across your vision, with glowing yellowish bursts to denote moving targets.

SUPPORT - The Support class has Thermalvision, which highlights anything that gives off a heat signature. This vision mode appears as a purplish filter across your vision. Colder temperatures appear from purple to black, and warmer from blue to white. It has unlimited range but cover will disrupt your ability to detect someone on the other side.




Thermoptic camo is a feature of the Recon and Assault classes, giving you temporary invisibility for as long as your energy lasts (energy will slowly recharge when not being used.) The maximum duration of thermoptic camo is:

Recon: Approximately 13 seconds.

Assault: Approximately 9 seconds.

Firing an unsurpressed weapon will cause a bright flash and further disruption. Injuries and blood can not be masked by the camo, and so they will appear even if you are not completely visible. Since it is thermoptic camo, it also masks your body temperature. Unfortunately on some maps, this will cause you to stand out anyway as you will appear black or very dark on thermalvision. Camo is not complete invisibility. When you activate camo, it makes a flash and a high-pitched noise, so be careful where you activate it. In an open space with bright lighting, or up against a surface with a solid colour, you will be partially visible. The best way to be invisible is to stay still and crouched, and place yourself in front of a textured wall or 3D object that will make your silhouette less obvious.


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