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Holy Beast Online
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Holy Beast Online is a cute Fantasy MMORPG.

Eliminate the evil rampaging Insects and restore balance to the world.

You can transform from cute Beast to Human at will, beasts can also evolve into a higher form, this is the game most unique feature.

One major complaint against most games is the intensity of the grind required to level up. That, unfortunately, is true for HolyBeast Online. While it is very newbie friendly, with many helpful introductory quests, the leveling takes quite long at the mid-later levels. Leveling up at the later levels, however, results in many gains to make it worthwhile.

Some gamers may like more serious, realistic, or detailed graphics, which Holy Beast Online may lack.

If there were more features for the individual player and faster ways to level Holy Beast would be a great 3rd game.

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