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Black Gold [Online]
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Black Gold Online is a Free to play, Steampunk and Fantasy Role-Playing MMO Game set in a half Victorian steampunk half fantasy world.

Black Gold Online gives players of all skill levels a chance to explore the divided world of Montel as part of either the Kingdom of Isenhorst, a mechanized society of giant walking cities and mechanized equipment, or the Erlandir Union, a nation filled with magic drawn from ancient jungles and temples. Players choose between steampunk or fantasy, as each faction engages in a brutal war to gain control of a powerful crystallized energy known as “Black Gold.”

As players begin their journey to greatness, they will have the opportunity to set off on Adventures – special game features allowing exciting blends of player vs environment (PvE) and player vs player (PvP). Some adventures are solo, while others will allow players to invite friends or team up with random members of their faction. Each Adventure offers valuable rewards, as well as difficult challenges.

Grab your reins and fuel up, the battle is about to begin! Enter the fight for the fate of Montel in the mounted Military Battlefield! Struggle for control of the precious Blood Fang Citadel in large scale opt-in battles. On foot or astride your Personal Carrier, join your faction’s fight on a unique battle map for prizes and honor.







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