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Doom Warrior

Doom Warrior

Friday, 20 June 2014 01:58 mmoraw
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Doom Warrior is an intensive PVP, Free-to-play Arena-based Online combat Game featuring savage barbarians.

Doom warrior is a 1 vs 1 dueling RPG. Initially your goal is to progress through the story-line by unlocking all 5 arenas and defeating the final boss. Once you have completed the main story you can continue the game by becoming ever more powerful, and competing for supremacy with other players in the various leagues.

All characters in Doom Warrior have a Level, which is an easy to way to estimate how powerful they are. Every character starts out at Level 1, and gains levels by earning Exp. Once you have enough Exp for the next level, you will be given 5 stat points to distribute among the Base Stats of Strength, Toughness, Agility, Stamina and Blocking. In Doom Warrior there is no limit to what level you can reach, so players can become as powerful as they wish.

When winning a fight, a character can choose to either Execute their opponent, or show them Mercy. The choice can often have big implications, so it's important to choose wisely. Against a player or NPC, this choice will not change the rewards the winner receives. However, being Executed will cause the victim (and his Clan) to lose a percentage of their Gold and in some cases Battle Points in the Arena in which they were attacked. Execution against Players comes into play most during the weekly League competition. Executing other Players too often may cause you problems as those players and their friends may decide to seek revenge in the future. Against a Boss or Arena Champion Mercy/Execution works slightly differently. In this case, Execution *does* increase the rewards you receive, but it also causes that Boss or Arena Champion to level up, so the next battle against them will be much tougher.

Doom Warrior's combat system is fairly simple. Characters can initiate an attack in a given direction by pressing the relevant arrow key. They can also attempt to block an incoming attack by pressing the relevant WASD key. If a character has special abilities available to them, they can use them by pressing the corresponding number key (1-3). In order to win combat, you must reduce your opponents red life bar to zero. You can damage your opponent either by scoring a successful attack, or by using an aggressive special ability, such as Fireball. Your total amount of Life is determined by your Toughness stat. The amount of damage you deal is determined by a variety of stats such as Strength, Fire, Ice, Lightning etc.

Stabbing attacks (Up) are quick, but deal only a small amount of damage. Left & Right attacks are of average speed and deal an average amount of damage. Overhead attacks (Down) are slow, but deal the most amount of damage. Each character has a yellow energy bar, which regenerates fairly rapidly. A fixed amount of energy is required to launch an attack based on the character's level. Using a special ability will use all of your currently available energy. The more energy you have at the time of using the ability, the more potent it will be. Your total amount of Energy is determined by your Stamina stat.

Blocking does not cost any energy, and if successful will stop the enemy's attack, preventing them from causing damage to you. You must block upwards to stop an overhead attack, right to stop an attack coming from the right, left to stop an attack coming from the left, and down to stop stabs. Sometimes even blocking correctly will not work, and your block will be broken. The rate a which your blocks are successful is determined by your Blocking stat, and whether your opponent is using a Two-Handed Weapon or not.



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