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Nindou is a 2D, Free-to-play Browser-Based Ninja themed MMO Game.

Nindou story:

" In the ancient Far East there was a mysterious land, with a vast and complex terrain, called the Land of Issun. One prominent characteristic of Issun was that everyone here had a big head but a very small body, only one inch high, just like a bean, or 'dou'. This is why it was called Issun, meaning One-Inch. And as the people all had Ninja qualities, they were called Nindou. Small as they were, they all had a special passion for life! "

Players join the Nindou World as a ninja character fighting their way up to learn ninja skills, and there are hundreds of ninja items for them to collect.

Game modes:

- Save the Princess, The first team that breaks the wall to save the princess wins! You must use the flags that are the same colour as your team!

- Spooky Hunters, One person will be designated as a ghost for each team. The team whose ghost dies first or runs away loses!

- Death Instructions, Kill all the enemy Nindou to win! This is a challenging mode suitable for expert level players!

- Thousand kill, The dead will be resurrected within a certain period of time. When time is up, the team that has killed the most is the winner!

- Last man standing, There are no teams here - let's see who can remain alive to the end!


Some Ninjutsu and weapons have hidden properties. Once they are combined with Seki to bring out Ougi, some extra effects can be achieved. Properties have 4 types: Fire, Thunderbolt, Ice and Wind.



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