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EpicX is a Free-to-Play Browser City building MMO Game.

EpicX , a browser game under the splendid historical background of three kins in ancient Rome. The game comes with a Tributary System, a Future Economy System and a Kin-subdue System. It is a wonderful opportunity to show your talents in economics, military and politics!

Government, keep the Government level under 40 before arrive to Macedonia, it’s better to keep at lv35 or if you have better equipment you shall keep at lv30 so you can accumulate many Exploits for upgrading hero and technologies, otherwise the Exploits may not be enough later (beat monsters higher than your level will receive extra Exploits).

Gold (in-game currency), what is Gold used for? Destroy buildings within 10 minutes for 1 Gold only, upgrade enhancement success rate from 98% to 100%, train for 24 hours with 120% enhancement rate. What can pay players use Gold for? Lear technologies quickly, you will find it’s very easy to conquer enemies with technologies.

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