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Aerena [ÆRENA] Clash of Champions
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Aerena [ÆRENA] is a Free-to-play tactical, Turn-Based MMO Game in an original Ætherpunk setting.

In an alternate history of mad-science gone awry, two teams of champions enter the arena to battle for control of the world's most powerful energy source; Æther. Aerena [ÆRENA] Clash of Champions pits two players and their teams of champions head-to-head in an original Ætherpunk setting. ÆRENA's battles are short, intense, and unpredictable until the final blow is dealt. Aerena [ÆRENA] combat never forces a player into a single "best" strategy. By combining the strengths of multiple champions, the abilities of a ship, and the power-ups of Æther Shells, players build teams with strategies unique to their play-styles.

All in-game cash is earned by playing matches and completing objectives. Inside the new Shop are ships with unique abilities, specialized packs of Æther shells, and champions to add to your roster.

Key Features:

• Tactical, turn-based combat built specifically for strategy gamers.

• Face online opponents or challenge the AI.

• Build up a team of champions, ships, and abilities to suit your play-style.

• Short and challenging matches keep gameplay intense.

• Player-progression with XP, level-ups and rewards.

• Enter the League of Champions and battle for prizes.

• Cross-platform gameplay across PC, Mac, Android and iOS.




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