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Panzer General [Online]
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Panzer General [Online] is a Free-to-play, Strategy Trading-Card MMO Game with Turn-Based battles.

Panzer General Online is the rebirth of the legenday Panzer General series. Panzer General Online is free to play. The game can be accessed directly in your browser - no download and no installation required. The game combines turn-based strategy with the fascination of trading card games. You build your personal detailed miniature army form numerous tanks, infantry and artillery units of World War II. Your Command Deck allows you to order devastating air strikes or surprise your enemy with complex tactical maneuvers.

A multitude of missions awaits you: You can play historically inspired campaigns against the computer or you can tackle the different multiplayer modes to conquer the top of the Leaderboard. Experience gripping multiplayer battles directly in your browser - no download required!

Gripping Turn-Based Strategy TBS - In Panzer General Online you command your units during decisive moments of World War II. Experience exciting battles animated in 3D in the competitive battle arena. Make use of everything your army has to offer: Control tanks, airplanes, infantry, artillery and much more. On the battlefield your choice of units is the key to victory. Build your own army from realistic miniatures of tanks, infantry and artillery. Put together a deck of Command Cards offering many different tactical options like calling in devastating air strikes or ordering maneuvers that can turn the tide of battle. Trade online with other players to make your army even stronger.










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