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Pockie Ninja
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Pockie Ninja is a anime-themed browser MMO game.

You'll play the role of a ninja who is entrusted with a mission to defeat the most vicious and destructive evil forces. As the last hope of the world and the Chosen One.


Pockie Ninja features "One character, multi-classes", which changes the traditional notion that "one character can only play one class". Besides the handy operation of browser game, you'll also enjoy the fun of using diversified manga characters, tackle challenging quests, fight hordes of monsters, and compete in fierce PvP arena battles and unlock the secrets of a mystic ninjutsu art.

Wilderness is not just for battle, explore different scenes also have surprises. Every explorable map has its own mode, revealing new elements even after several searches. With the raise of exploration level, rewards will be upgraded as well.

Pockie Ninja has a diversified skill system, including Fire Release, Water Release, Earth Release, Wind Release, Thunder Release, Vitality, Seal, Ninja item, Illusion, Healing, each of which contains five main skills. By careful tactic combination, players can get various combat modes emphasizing attack, defense or counter attack. Pockie Ninja also features World Tournament and National League.

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